Mastering online teaching course

It's time to level-up your teaching
What you are going to learn

Mastering online teaching

This course is made for teachers who maybe experience some challenges during COVID-19 and moving online. 
Therefore it's a short and focused course, easy to study which can be implemented very quickly in class. 
The course focuses on the followong topics:
1. The difference and connection between great learning and great teaching
2. Great teaching main elements
3. Identifying teachers' unique value in online and offline teaching
4. Creating your learning catalog / library
5. Creating great curiosity based lessons
6. Start your first list of online experts in class
7. Join our community

Tomer Baratz

Learning developing specialist, education entrepreneur and teacher from Israel
Great teaching is all about people. That's what I believe. 
For the last 10 years I've been working with teachers,  students, schools and colleges on developing great learning and teaching in class. 
I've mentored local and international programs while I was teaching History and Civics in a local High school.

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