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Tomer Baratz: Learn differently 

Teaching out of the box
Online courses that actually work
 in our new days education

Our challenge:
Transforming school learning

Today humanity faces one of its biggest challenges of all times: COVID-19
I truly believe teachers can take this opportunity to transform education and learning 
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My solution: short and focused online courses 

Focused courses made for teachers - self-phased, affordable, so every teacher can use the ideas and practice of our courses right away at school in class. 
My school and classes community share knowledge and experience and will help you focus your teaching efforts on your unique value as a teacher: curiousity and human connection
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My courses

Tomer Baratz

M.ed in education systems management. education entreprenuer, online learning and teaching consultant, mentor and developer, blogger, History and Civics teacher 

I believe COVID-19 is our greatest opportunity to transform our education systems and the way we understand learning and teaching. We and our students deserve that. 
For the last 10 years I've been working with hundreds of teachers and schools all across Israel and the world on developing an advanced learning and teaching in class, at school, online and offline. 

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